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Premium Watch Repair Tool Kit

Watchmaker Battery Tool Kit

This Watch Tool Kit Includes:

Jaxa-Type Case Opener - excellent for opening waterproof cases up to 34mm

Case Knife - for opening any dust proof case

Pin Pusher - for removing links from bands 2mm

Screwdriver - the second most needed screwdriver for watchmakers 1mm

Screwdriver - the first most needed screwdriver for watchmakers .80mm

Screwdriver - the third most needed screwdriver for watchmakers

Plastic Tweezers - for those very special batteries such as extra thin lithium

Brass Tweezers - ideal for replacing watch hands; soft enough to avoid scratching

AA, Anti-Mag Tweezers - suitable for assembly work, has beveled edge 5(sa)

Anti-Mag Tweezers - same as double A Flat Nose Pliers Buff Stick

Ball Pein Hammer - ideal for removing pins and riveting

Polishing Cloth - helps remove any marks from watches and jewelry

100-Spring Bars- for replacing missing or damaged bars in a watch

Hand-Remover - takes the guessing out of remover

Plastic tweezers

Brass tweezers

Flat nose plier

Puff stick

2 pin punch set

Pin vice

Hand putting tool

Scratch brush

Spring bar tool

Eye loupe

Silicon grease

Band holder

This complete tool set comes in a leatherette case that zips up for easy travel and storage. 

Premium Watch Repair Tool Kit

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