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Small Round Casting Mould/Sand flask

Quality Traditional Round Jewellers metal casting flask/moulding box robustly made from cast iron

Traditional sand casting flask Vertical & horizontal filling

Held securely by four locating pins

External - 72 x 42mm Internal - 68mm x 42mm

Pouring spout - 12mm

Weight 1520g

Moulding boxes hold the sand when a mould is being made. Accurate positioning of the cope (top box) onto the drag ( bottom box) is possible alignment pins. Our moulding boxes are precision made to exact tolerances. Moulding box pins should be regularly lubricated with graphite and should never be hit with hammers or mallets as this will misalign them. When Knocking out the moulding boxes the boxes themselves and pins should not be hit as this can knock them out of square and damage the mating faces. Box faces are ground level and parallel. The above sizes are nominal. These are also ideal for those interested in Delft clay casting and allow larger pieces to be cast.


1kg Sand

Kilo of petroband sand clay


Brass Sprue

The Mandrel Length is 50 mm

Max Diameter 14mm with 2.95mm Shank


Small Round Casting Mould/Sand flask

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