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Set 4 Scratch Brushes

Brass, Steel, Nylon & Fiberglass Scratch Brushes

Comfortable Colour Coded Scratch Brushes

Length 4.5" or 110mm

Fibreglass scratch brush: (Red)

  • A wide range of uses, including removing suspected plate metal before acid testing, creating a unique texturing effect or a quick test for checking if a diamond is real
  • Great for cleaning watch movements
  •  With a comfortable plastic body

Steel Scratch Brush: (Black)

  • Excellent for removing oxidization marks off harder metal

Brass scratch brush: (Yellow)

  • Great for cleaning battery contact and jewellers drills/burrs

Nylon Scratch Brush: (Blue)

  • great tool for removing rust and dirt from metal objects, components, movements, parts, coins etc.

Set 4 Scratch Brushes

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