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Prong Pusher with 7 Detachable Heads

Prong Pusher 7 Detachable Heads

With this set, you can always select the correct head size for your stone setting!
The set includes:
1mm stone setting = 6mm head
2mm stone setting = 7mm head
4mm stone setting = 8mm head
5mm stone setting = 9mm head
6mm stone setting = 10mm head
8mm stone setting = 12mm head
10mm stone setting = 14mm head
Ergonomic hardwood handle
Each head has a smooth concave surface that allows you to locate the prong in the center. The concave shape means only the center of the pusher is making contact on the prong. That same shape works well on tube bezels or cupchain prongs. The different size pushers give you lots of options for stones from large to small. The set comes complete with 7 interchangeable heads ranging from 6-14mm, for stones from 1-10mm. The heads easily screw on/off of the brass tip. Prong pusher has an ergonomic wood handle, and the color of the wood may vary.
Push tip length measures 2 inches (51mm). Overall length is 6 inches (153mm) 

Prong Pusher with 7 Detachable Heads

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