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Stainless Steel 'Fine' Mesh Ultrasonic Basket 5x8"

This stainless steel cleaning basket design is almost completely universal, as it will fit virtually any ultrasonic unit. It was designed with practical side clips that can be adjusted to fit smaller ultrasonic units as well as larger ones, easily holding the jewellery submerged in the cleaning solution. And in larger ultrasonic units, two of these baskets can easily fit allowing you great flexibility in your jewellery cleaning.

  • Fine mesh basket
  • Universal cleaning basket
  • Feature two side clips that fit small and large ultrasonic cleaners
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Measure 4" x 8"  (4-5/8" x 8" with clips)

Stainless Steel 'Fine' Mesh Ultrasonic Basket 5x8"

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