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Alcohol Lamp, Tripod Mesh Set : 6" Legs, Cooling Cup & Tweezer Set

Soldering Cool Cup, 4 Angled Tweezers, 6" Tripod & Lamp Set

Cooling Cup

Fill the cup with cold water and submerge the stone and mounting
while soldering the shank, to keep the stone cool.
95mm wide and 45mm deep


Set of 4 Utility Soldering Tweezers
1) Heat resistant cross lock straight tip fibre grips-  6.5" long
2) Heat resistant cross lock curved tip fibre grips - 6.25" long
3) Heat resistant cross lock 90 degree bent tip fibre grips- 6.25" long
4) Heat resistant straight pointed serrated end fibre grips-  6.5" long


A traditional alcohol lamp with glass tank, nickel-plated safety cap, and 1/4" ( 5mm) woven cotton wick. This lamp burns denatured or ethyl alcohol to produce smooth, even flame for heating, melting and sterilisation. You can use denatured or ethyl alcohol stores, which is inexpensive and readily available at hardware stores. A 4 oz. (118 ml) capacity glass container can be easily placed on any of the sides of faceted glass container allowing flame to be placed at the most convenient angle. Flame can be adjusted by raising or lowering split sleeve. Faceted bowl measures 3-5/16" (81 mm) in diameter.

Chrome metal hardware, screw-on vented top has secure fit, rubber gasket protects against spills
Bevelled sides allow positioning at 30, 60 or 90 degree angle, adjustable flame control
Useful for jewellers/goldsmiths, electronic repair, wax & adhesive heating - even power outages and more.

Caution: alcohol flames tend to be invisible - adding a little salt to the alcohol will produce a flame with orange colour.


6" Tripod Set

It can be used to stand over an Alcohol Lamp or Bunsen Burner to keep Wax Pot Warm
It measures Approximately 6" (160mm) tall
The Mesh Gauze Measures Approximately 6" x 6" (152.5 mm)
Legs Screw and Unscrew for Ease of Storage

Alcohol Lamp, Tripod Mesh Set : 6" Legs, Cooling Cup & Tweezer Set

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