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6pc Sand Casting Bundle (Delft Style) : 60mm Flask (No Hole)

Traditional Jewellers metal casting flask/moulding box robustly made from Aluminium

10 swg Aluminium tube thickness 3mm or approx 1/8"

Made from 2 interlocking casting rings to ensure perfect alignment.

Outer dimensions 60mm wide and 67mm two parts are combined height

The clay will need to thoroughly hammered to a tight compression or it will collapse when you remove the original piece.

We use talcum on all seals and insides to help with release.

These are also ideal for those interested in Delft clay casting

1kg of petrobond sand clay

Crucible Holder is 380mm long and can be adjusted for various sizes of Ceramic Crucible/ Melting Dish (either round or square) and has 80mm end prongs. Allow the Melting dish to be easily picked up and poured in the mould, the wooden handle reduces heat transfer,

The Ceramic Crucible/ Melting Dish can be used with all types of precious and not precious metal, including Gold, Silver, Platinum, Copper, Brass, Aluminium, Pewter, Bronze and Tin.

A carbon (graphite) stirring rod for use when melting metals (gold, silver bronze copper & aluminium) for casting. The rods will help to remove impurities from the molten metal during the stirring process. The rods are made from high density graphite and are 300mm long x 12mm diameter. The rods are brittle and care should be taken when using them.The rod should not be used with platinum as this will contaminate.

The Mandrel is length is 50 mm Max diameter 14 mm and 2.95 mm shank.

6pc Sand Casting Bundle (Delft Style) : 60mm Flask (No Hole)

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