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3" Rolling Mill : 7 Rollers Set

3" Rolling Mill

New 3" Jewellers Gold Smith Rolling Mill for flattening Forming Soft Metals

  • Made from High Density Steel
  • Rolls, Flattens, Designs Soft Metals
  • Great for Goldsmiths, Silversmiths, Jewelry Making, Coin Makers
  • Size - 3"  76 x 41mm
  • 5 Designs with 7 rollers
  • 2 plain, 2 wire, 2 textured, 1 v-grooved and half round
  • safety guards as standard

This rolling mill has a max capacity to draw sheets of 5 SWG (approx 3.78mm) and a minimum 26 SWG (approx 0.4mm).

If a sheet bigger than 3.78mm is used then there will be pressure on the edge of the gears and that is not healthy for the machine as it could crack the gears.

3" Rolling Mill : 7 Rollers Set

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