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10ml Watch Oil & 10ml Clock Oil

General Purpose Watch Oil 10ml/ General Purpose Clock Oil 10ml

Perfect For All Watches and Clocks (mantle, grandfather, cuckoo, alarms)

I have copied some information on oiling clocks:

Within 3 years or so, the oil lubricating all the moving parts in your clock will start to dry up, most clocks will then stop. Those which continue running without oil are usually subjected to excessive wear, the wheel arbor pivots will start grinding into the brass plates of your clock, knocking off alignment of the wheels that drive the various functions of your clock, resulting in loss of power, and ultimately...clock stoppage!  Oiling is recommended every two to three years.  When a clock is kept properly oiled, wear is kept to a minimum.  Proper oiling provides the correct grade oil to the necessary places in the right amount.  There are dangers in using anything but clock oil, or in applying little or to much oil.  Improper oiling can also be a cause of clock stoppage and the capillary action can draw the oil away from where it belongs to where it doesn't belong.

"The Golden Rule Appears to Be Do Not Drown the Item in Oil, Use a Very Small Amount Only"

10ml Watch Oil & 10ml Clock Oil

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