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Disc Cutters

Various Design, Shape and Size Disc Cutters

A core piece for many jewellers tool kit, a clean reliable cut from a disc cutter can make all the difference for a projects success and reducing the difficulty for the crafter.

Why a Disc Cutter?
- There are a myriad of reasons why you might consider investing in a disc cutter regardless of if you are an experienced crafter or just starting out.
- First and foremost for many is simply how valuable a cutter can be as a time saver greatly reducing the workload for producing a piece especially when multiples are needed for a project which could otherwise detract from work elsewhere
- Making a precise clean cut manually can be frustrating for even experienced workers especially when when multiple pieces are needed at the same shape and size. Using a disc cutter will alleviate this problem allowing you to cut multiple items with no difference between them and a clean edge.
- Perhaps the greatest benefit of a disc cutter is simply its long term viability a single cutter with various sizes can be used for many projects over a long stretch of time only adding to to its value for a jeweller.

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